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Hi, I'm Bagwan Pankaj.

A Technology enthusiast, living in Hyderabad, India and this is a place where I try to put trivial tricks to improve productivity. I live my code and tweet. Shoot me an email if you'd like to be in touch.

rė`dŭkt means reduce. Here I am trying to reduce clutter in product management.


Productivity Mantra#1 Use just one tool for everything


I have seen many sophisticated product managers, who try put much of there effort just to see/analyse how productive there teams are by putting teams to fill in multiple sheets/logs/emails/post-it-notes/meetings/product-management-tools etc, using multiple tools for communications, dividing team in terms of what needs to be shared or what not.

I see multiple problem in this approach (using multiple tools for one job):

1.) It scatters information that makes it harder or time consuming to get sensible data out of these tools.
2.) Decreases productivity of individual by diverting their attention, since one need to switch context to work on multiple stuff.
3.) Makes it hard for individual to access required information, if and when they need it most.


Solution is very simple just choose one tool for communication, be it whatever one like. Make use of that tool to the best. By making it use to its best I meant:

1.) Keep things highly descriptive.
2.) Tag or categorize items, so that they can easily be found when needed.
3.) Make individual responsible for seperate extra chores, needed and rotate responsibility so everyone knows how to do stuff.

Three cheers to simple productivity :)

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